EHA Exploration Ltd is a locally based and registered business made up of individuals with extensive knowledge and experience of the energy sector.

Our team includes professionals from across the planning and exploration industry. As this project evolves we are committed to ensuring that the economic benefits and employment opportunities which follow will benefit Northern Ireland. We are also committed to ensuring that if there are extractable hydrocarbon reserves in NI the benefits can be delivered to the local area and to local businesses.

We are a Northern Ireland registered company, we know this region and we are committed to the economic regeneration of Northern Ireland as well as the long term stability of energy supply.

We will undertake our initial exploratory testing in a safe and efficient manner with as little impact to the local people and the environment as possible.


“Our vision is to unlock the energy from within the Earth for the benefit of all. As strong advocates of environmental stewardship, all of our operations will, as a minimum, comply with and often exceed local and EU environmental protection, conservation management, health & safety laws and regulations. We will seek to maintain at all times responsible collaboration with local communities, Government departments and local councils, and we are passionate about achieving a good working relationship.”